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The E's Yarn Bale (2-ply Tapestry Yarn)

The E's Yarn Bale (2-ply Tapestry Yarn)

$ 88.00



This is a pre-sale item. It will ship within 6-8 weeks of the purchase date.*


Yarn Bales are a limited edition specialty item, only available a couple times a year.**


In this Bale:

  • 23 mini skeins of 2-Ply Tapestry Yarn
  • Each skein is approx. 1 oz.
  • 1 mini skein of each of the following colors, in the shade of E***: Persian Lilac, Chokecherry, Cafe Olé, Ruby, Ganado, Red Willow, Copper, Burnt Orange, Marigold, Caramel, Ocher, Sunflower, Piñon, Spruce, Turquoise, Teal, Slate, Sky Blue, Indigo, Midnight, Violet, Logwood, Black 


More about this Bale:

  • This Bale contains approx. 23 oz. (1 oz. each of 23 colors), or 1.44 lbs.
  • This amount of yarn is enough to weave (weft-faced) about 5.75 sq. ft.
  • Click here for further details about our 2-Ply Tapestry Yarn.
  • This yarn is great for tapestries, light-weight rugs, apparel, and so much more! Also, it makes a great warp for balanced and warp-faced weaves!
  • Not only is this yarn wonderful for weaving, but it is also great for knitting, crocheting, felting and so on!


This yarn is at our mill, being reskeined as you read this. It will ship to us shortly after. Once we receive it, we hand-dye every skein (hundreds of dye lots) and process (rinse, straighten, dry, twist, label and bale) it all, creating beautiful little Bales for those lucky enough to get some! As you can tell, this process takes some time, but we hope to get all Bales out within 6-8 weeks of the date they were ordered.

** Click here to learn more about Yarn Bales and be the first to know when they are available again.

*** The A, B, C, D & E refer to the shades of our 2-Ply Tapestry Yarn. For example, in our 2-Ply Tapestry Yarn, we have a color we call Persian Lilac. We then dye the Persian Lilac in 5 different shades, "A" being the darkest... all the way to "E", the lightest. So, The A's Bale consists of all of our 2-ply Tapestry Yarn colors dyed in the darkest shade, "A". Whereas, The E's Bale consists of all of our 2-ply Tapestry Yarn colors dyed in the lightest shade,"E".

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